City of Toronto is Seeking Support

Sep 11, 2018  
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The City of Toronto is reaching out to private rental landlords to help support the more than 1500 people displaced by the recent fire at 650 Parliament. There is a need for affordable, temporary, market rent accommodations for up to six months. If you have vacant units please consider posting them at the site below for individuals who have been displace to help them find appropriate housing options. There is an understanding that the residents of 650 Parliament have the right to return when the fire damage is repaired. However, if landlords enter into a tenancy with any of the 650 Parliament residents these households then have tenancy rights and may choose to stay. Landlords with vacant units for the displaced tenants of 650 Parliament can have them posted on the WoodGreen HOME portal one of the following two ways:

  • Go to the site
    • Register as a Housing Provider and provide the requested information
      • You will be contacted by the administrator
  • Contact the administrator Salam Khorshid by email or phone (647) 629-6437.

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