RENT offers a FREE training which is an in-house service, tailored to the needs of the host organization, aimed at assisting teams to further understand the Housing Help sector's role as it relates to their work.

Knowledge of the essentials of the sector and how to connect to it results in better service to your clients and stakeholders.

Learn more about or in-house training by clicking on the tabs below:

    Who is this training for?

Agencies and organisations who generally do not provide housing help, but do pieces of housing within their role or 'bump up' against the housing help sector often.

Groups that may be interested:

  • Medical professionals
  • Drop-in workers
  • Child welfare professionals
  • Youth outreach workers
  • Settlement service providers
  • Shelter employees
  • Transitional support workers

    and many more!
    How much times does this take?

It can be as brief as 30 minutes or as long as 3 hours. It is recommended to be at least 1.5 hours. A longer amount of time means a more activities-based training, making it accessible for all.

These are some of the housing-related questions we can help answer:

  • What do housing help workers do? Where can I find one?
  • How can I make effective referrals?
  • How do people access affordable housing in Toronto?
  • What are property standards and how would they effect my clients?
  • What supportive or specialized housing programs exist?
  • What are tenant rights in Ontario?
  • How do workers and programs help prevent eviction?
  • How are harm reduction and housing linked?
  • Which specialized housing programs are important to know?
  • Where can workers go for more help with the housing-related struggles of clients?


Got a question about In-house Training? Check the questions below to see if it's already been answered.

How do I get my agency involved? (click to read more)

Please contact the Training Facilitator directly.

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When would be a good time for this training? (click to read more)

Generally a staff meeting or a morning/afternoon when most staff can attend would be a good time.

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I work at a hospital. How can this help me? (click to read more)

Patients need somewhere safe and clean to recover in once they are discharged; we can help discharge units to connect with workers who can make this transition seamless.

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I know all about one of the topics you offer; can we talk about the other information? (click to read more)

Absolutely. This training is tailored to the needs of your agency or organisation.

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How much does it cost? (click to read more)

It's FREE! It is our goal to build the capacity of the housing help sector by assisting outside agencies and organisations understand it better to make appropriate and timely referrals.

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Contact the Trainning Facilitator

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