RENT is a peer-learning network for community workers who provide housing help. Housing workers can be found at:

  • Housing Help Centres

  • Shelters

  • Agencies serving low income people, people with disabilities, seniors, youth and families, immigrants and refugees, women, men, aboriginal people, and people who are street involved.

RENT Members assist each other with daily, practical issues of housing help work, by finding other members, posting discussions, and attending RENT sessions. 

Finding other members is easy.  Our search function allows members to search by name, agency, type of work place, language, client population and area of the city.

RENT membership gives Housing Workers:

  • Attendance at RENT Sessions to learn about emerging issues in housing

  • Bi-weekly RENT bulletins about news at RENT and housing issues in Toronto

  • Bi-weekly Housing Help News on local, provincial and national housing issues

  • Find other members who can help you provide service

  • Find other housing workers who you can job shadow with

  • Search the On Line Library with over 1700 documents

  • Access to, an on line vacancy listing of low market rent units run by landlords who are willing to work with you to reduce evictions.

Do you help people find and keep housing as part of your work?

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