The RENT Network is a suite of three programs which support the homelessness reduction work:

1. If you are currently working in the field and provide help in finding housing as part or all of your work you are eligible for a RENT membership.

By filling out the registration application below you are joining the RENT network and will be able to:

  • Attend RENT training and networking sessions;
  • Post questions and issues and participate in online discussions
  • Receive biweekly news bulletins and weekly job listings;
  • Access the online resource library, including RENT’s Essential Resources and Advocacy Toolkits, Best Practices Features, etc
  • Find colleagues and mentors in the membership database

2. Do you or your agency provide housing access, housing stabilization and eviction prevention services? Access Landlord Connect.

Landlord Connect is a free online service and vacancy listing of affordable, private market units that links landlords to housing help workers in a collaborative effort. Listings are varied, city-wide and provide mapping and additional information to help clients with housing access. Landlordconnect also includes resources to landlords, and an Emergency Posting Board where requests for emergency housing are posted and sent to both housing workers and landlords for help with leads. Both landlords and housing workers, as a unique partnership, agree to work together to stabilize Landlordconnect tenancies. Events are held twice annually to bring landlords and housing workers together.

3. Are you new to the sector or are you looking for refresher training on delivering housing help services? Register for the Housing Help Services Certificate (HHSC).

The Housing Help Service Certificate (HHSC) Program is being offered to professionals interested in gaining skills and competencies in the field of housing and homelessness. HHSC will focus on 10 subject areas covered over 8 full days of training, which are essential when working in the sector. For more information see, Housing Help Services Certificate or contact the Housing Help Training Facilitator at

Are you a post-secondary student interested in the homelessness reduction?

RENT supports current post-secondary students who have a long term interest in housing as a career. Student Memberships are open during school terms only. To register as a student, please include the following in your registration:

  • Register with your school email as your primary Email Address.
  • Provide your placement supervisor's email as your secondary Email Address.
  • Provide your placement dates.
  • You are required to re-register each school year.

Students are not eligible to access Landlord Connect due to the long term commitment required for housing stabilization and eviction prevention services.

Maintaining Your Membership:

Please ensure you fill out all the information requested so your membership can be approved quickly (usually 1-2 business days). If your agency does not appear on the drop down menu, please email

Please note that memberships which have been inactive for three months are automatically put on hold so we can accurately count our active membership. Please log in regularly to maintain your membership. Feel free to contact if you will be away for an extended period of time. If you find you can not log in, please email us so we can reactivate your membership.

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