Why RENT for Housing Help Training?

RENT, as developed by Toronto's Housing Help Sector, has not only determined the essential skills for housing help services, but gets direct feedback from members to deliver training in emerging issues, delivered by local experts, so that housing workers can learn strategies which will immediately benefit their work.

RENT Training is available in person, with materials posted on line, and in some cases, videos of sessions are available on-line.

Training Opportunities offered by RENT include:

Housing Help Services Certificate:

The Housing Help Services Certificate (HHSC), created through the partnership of East York East Toronto Family Resources (EYET) and the Toronto Hostel Training Centre (THTC), is a comprehensive professional development certificate series. HHSC will provide registrants with new skills and competencies to serve clients more effectively within the Housing and Homelessness Sector.

Benefits of the Housing Help Services Certificate:

  • The certificate will count towards your 25 hours of professional development through the College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers
  • You can use HHSC's THTC courses towards other THTC training certificates
  • Completing HHSC will ensure that agencies and organizations have staff specialized in this unique area of service delivery
  • Courses are developed by subject matter experts along with sector and community leaders

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to Housing Help Services (Wednesday February 28th 2018; 9am to 4pm)
  • Eviction Prevention and Landlord/Tenant Rights (Monday March 5th 2018; 9am to 4pm)
  • Case Management (Thursday March 8th 2018; 9am to 4pm)
  • Housing Standards and Rooming Houses (Tuesday March 13th 2018; 9am to 12pm)
  • Support for Newcomers in Accessing and Sustaining Housing (Tuesday March 13th 2018; 1pm to 4pm)
  • Budgeting and Resource Management (Thursday March 15th; 9am to 12pm)
  • Understanding Mental Health and Harm Reduction in Housing (Thursday March 15th 2018; 1pm to 4pm)
  • Ontario's Social Assistance Programs (Monday March 19th; 9am to 4pm)
  • Introduction to Trauma Informed Care (Wednesday March 21st 2018; 9am to 4pm)
  • Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Skills (Tuesday March 27th 2018; 9am to 4pm)

Registration Eligibility

  • You must be employed by an agency within the city of Toronto
  • Payment may only be received for processing once you are approved to attend the HHSC
  • Payment must be received prior to the training commencing

Feedback from Graduates of the Certificate:

  • "An overall comprehensive coverage of many aspects that are very helpful."
  • "Ongoing training is always necessary for growth and development and to provide better service to clients."
  • "Networking with agencies and people was a great part of the training."

Registration for the Housing Help Service Certificate is now closed. We thank you for your interest and look forward to bringing you more training opportunities in 2018.

RENT Workshops:

Monthly workshops on emerging issues and cross sectoral networking, so Housing Workers can keep current, and connect with other workers providing different services. RENT emerging issues workshops are designed with the housing help sector in mind, delivered by local experts in the topic.

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Mentoring and Job Shadowing:

RENT offers the networking opportunity for members to connect with others who are willing to offer job shadowing and mentoring. This type of connection provides an invaluable opportunity to learn about housing help in all of its varieties and clients they serve, and a crucial part of the peer learning network principles on which RENT was formed.

Onsite Housing Help Services Training:

Onsite training on the Housing and Homelessness Reduction Sector is offered by RENT free of charge to agencies where Housing is an element of the services offered.

The onsite training is aimed at assisting teams to further understand Housing Help Services and their role in promoting housing stability. The training is tailored to your organization's specific needs, and can include the following topics:

  • What do housing professionals do?
  • How do people access affordable housing in Toronto?
  • What supportive or special needs programs exist?
  • How do workers and programs help prevent eviction?
  • Which specialized programs are important to know about?
  • What to do to help a client facing eviction?
  • How can I make effective referrals?
To find out more information or to book a trainer today please call the Training Facilitator at 647-259-9336.

Other Training Opportunities:

RENT also posts a list of training offered by other organizations in the field that would be of interest to our membership.  Upcoming conferences, seminars, workshops and lectures of interest to the housing sector are advertised along with a list and links to ongoing and regular training sessions.


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